Language Center of National Central University


We currently offer courses in the following categories:
A. Freshman English for non-majors
B. Second-Year English
C. English for Graduate Students
D. English Elective Courses & Other Foreign Language Classes
E. Chinese Courses (Please visit the CLP Website for detailed information.)

Course Category Descriptions:

Freshman English for Non-majors

Freshman English is a required course for the majority of all freshmen at National Central University. The general goals of the Freshman English Program are to provide an interactive atmosphere that will increase students' participation in a non-threatening learning environment, strengthen their confidence in English speaking, and enhance their ability to apply their English skills in written communication. The Freshman English Program offers year-long Listening/Speaking and Reading/Writing track courses so students can quickly achieve working fluency.

Second-Year English

English proficiency is a requirement for graduation, determined by one of the following proficiency tests: (1) TOFEL iBT: 72; (2) Cambridge IELTS: 6.0; (3) TOEIC ETS: 670; (4) GEPT: High-Intermediate listening and reading; (5) NCU EPT: 80 (test administered by the Language Center).
Students who fail to meet the standards listed above will be required to take "Second-Year English". The course design is similar to "Freshman English" with the same goal of increasing students' ability and confidence in the English language. In addition to regular classroom activities, students participate in on-line interactive learning, which is guided by teachers for student enrichment and helpful practice.

English for Graduate Students

Most incoming graduate students are required to take the Language Center's English Proficiency Test, consisting of multiple choice questions in listening, reading comprehension, and grammar. Students who do not pass the exam are required to take "English for Graduate Students." The primary goal of this course is to strengthen graduate students' overall English language proficiency with a focus on developing reading and oral presentation skills.
The Center is also working with other departments to offer other graduate level language courses to enhance the NCU graduate study experience. All such foreign language classes are customized to incorporate specific requirements into the curriculum to achieve individualized, useful results for our graduate students.

Elective English Courses and Other Foreign Language Courses

The Language Center is responsible for all "applied" language learning programs at NCU. The Language Center therefore offers various foreign language courses based on the needs of students and faculty specialties. The Center now provides the following English language classes as electives: English Oral Training I & II, English Writing I & II, English Translation, Business English, English Scientific and Technical Writing, Advanced English Reading, and many others. Additional foreign language classes include Japanese, Spanish, German, and French.