Living information for NCU students

  • NCU Transportation Information (Link)
  • NCU Campus Map (Link)
  • NCU Restaurant Information (Link)
  • Information of Off-campus Rentals (Link)
  • Medical Organizations around NCU (Link)

     Living information in Taiwan

  • Visa information (Link)
  • Information of ARC application and Visa extension (Link)
  • ARC application and Visa extension (Link)
  • ID number application (Link)
  • Information of working certificate application (Link)
  • Foreign Students in University taking part time jobs (Link)
  • Information of National Health Insurance(Link)
  • Information of deposit account application(Link)
  • Information of  TOCFL (Link)
  • Information of traveling(Link)
  • Information of WEATHER (Link)

     Online Learning Resource

  • Common Wealth Magazine(link)
  • FB of NCU Chinese Language Program(Link)