The program is provided for NCU degree students and exchange student. There are 18 weeks in one term. The program includes basic training and practical training in listening, speaking, reading and writing, advanced literature appreciation and the other language courses.

Course Introduction::

Category Introduction Course
Basic Chinese Courses This category of courses is designed especially for students at the elementary or intermediate levels. Courses in this category will focus on equipping students with the basic Chinese language skills (i.e. listening, speaking, reading, and writing) which are essential in daily life. Other more specific courses such as ‘Reading and writing Chinese’ and ‘Chinese Pronunciation’ are also provided to help the student achieve specific goals in Chinese language learning. *Chinese Listening and Speaking A
*Chinese Listening and Speaking B
*Chinese Listening and Speaking C
*Chinese Reading and Writing A
*Chinese Pronunciation
Practical Chinese Courses This category of courses will help to improve and strengthen students’ ability in reading, writing, oral discussion, etc. in connection with a business or journalistic context. The courses will also equip students with the ability to do a presentation, to conduct a meeting, or do research, as necessary. *Business Chinese for Chinese Heritage Students I
*Business Chinese for Chinese Heritage Students II
*Listening Comprehension of Chinese Broadcasting and TV News
*Practical Chinese Reading and Writing
Cultural Chinese Courses This category of course is aimed at helping students to understand and appreciate the essence of Chinese language and culture. The framework of the course will be mainly based on the discussion of Chinese literature, art, or other cultural and social topics. *Chinese Fable and Short Essay
*Chinese Short Story Reading
* Chinese Movies and Culture
Other Chinese-related- language Courses This category of courses provides instruction in some other Chinese dialects which are widely used in Taiwan. *Taiwanese

(103-2Course Timetable)

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